Product: ThinKnx

Categories: KNX, Audio, Visualization


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Pricelist: 2018

Think Automation, ThinKnx.

Control Anything from Anywhere! through ThinKnx

ThinKnx is a universal supervisor for building automation that lets you manage all functions of your systems in your house and workspace.

The different aspects of home automation are handled by ThinKnx through a simple and customizable interface that allows fluid interactions with systems using your Tablet, iPhone, Android or Windows Smartphone.

ThinKnx is the smart way to transform building automation in a real advantage for the owner's building granting to save on energy costs, to limit environmental impact and to improve building security and safety.

Audiofy Multiroom

Audiofy is the simple yet powerful integrated multiroom professional audio system created by Thinknx. Only one device combines audio matrix routing, power amplifiers for each output and up to four independent network players. It is also fully confugrable via web. The system permits to spread audio contents from external analog sources or from internal players towards up to 16 rooms with superior pure sound quality.