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Main Belgotec Directions

Belgotec is a B2B seller. Import / distributor specialized in audio - video brands, knx & data products. We offer a wide range of quality products in our portfolio. Besides selling quality products we offer you our knowledge to guide all your projects.

Audio, video, ...

We offer a wide range of audio & video products. Stand-alone systems, cinema projects, proffesional, residential, big, small ....

Advice / knowledge

Because every projects has its own needs, we offer you our advice and knowledge.

KNX / automation

KNX, the standard in automation. We offer different kind of modules for connecting all your devices with one central system. With ThinKnx we also offer a top brand for visualisation of your knx project. Lighting, hvac, audio, video, doorcommunication, energystatus,... in one handy system/application.

Sales B2B

We offer a nice range of quality products that you can use for all your audio, video and automation projects. Also for interior & outdoor projects/events we offer professional solutions.

Our goal is simple; we want to help your business achieve the greatest possible success by providing the best products you need at a reasonable cost.


Project Support & Knowledge

For all your projects, big or small, we can support you with all our possible knowledge.

Our goal is simple; we want to provide the best products so your projects stand out and you can deliver high quality to your customers. Every project has it own needs.


Products / Brands

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